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2015 Scott Hunter Wall Calendar


This is completely and absolutely excellent.

Obviously. I've bought these calendars (six actually - not so much because I'm obsessed by Scott so much as he comes from my home county and thought I should support a local lad). And he's not let me down.

The photography and the locations and the emotions he puts into every shot are spectacularly good. You can either get off on how beautiful Scott is, or you can get off on how beautiful the images are. Much as I think Scott is gorgeous, put him in a landscape that doesn't just look at him it creates something fantastic.

Yeah, you can get off to Scott if you want to - and I promise you that even the NSFW calendar will let you do that - but this calendar also allows you to breathe in as a gay man. It's mostly safe for work, but it's aesthetically beautiful as well.

On the production side of things, Mr Hunter has paid top dollar to produce this calendar. I've worked in the print industry and can promise you that he has paid for the absolute best quality paper with the top-dollar china finish on it.

Make no mistake about this, he's not short-changing anyone on this calendar. It's a luxury item- but he's not charging his fans a luxury price. Personally, I think the guy could charge a lot more - in terms of production costs, he really should be charging more.

(I'm emphatically not slagging off the Warwick Rowers boys - they are brilliant - but Scott Hunter is producing a higher quality product in terms of paper and finishing than virtually any other calendar around).

I just want to make this clear that I don't know Scott Hunter personally. I've never met him, I've never spoken to him on the phone and I've never seen him in real life.

This review is based on the quality of the product he's produced - and it is incredibly high.
Date Added: 06/12/2014 by Darrien D'Astar
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