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OK, so, you've bought a new toy to add to your collection of butt plugs, dildos, super giant dildos, strap ons, vibrators and all of the other amazing sex toys you have but do you know how to look after them properly?

Sex toys these days are made from a wide variety of materials and each of these materials needs slightly different care to ensure your toys endure the rigours you put them through and keep on giving you pleasure for as long as possible.

Cleaning your toys can be fun and exciting...there's just more excuses to rub your hands up and down something as sexual and arousing as your toys and in doing so you will ensure they last and last. While you're cleaning them, stroke them and caress them to check for tears, missing pieces, rough ridges or other damage to make sure you don't get any sudden surprises!

There are a few tips which you should know in order to keep your favourite toys in the best condition possible.

Using the right lube

Using the right lube is crucial to looking after your toys. You should never use silicone-based lube on your silicone toys, they just eat each other and it end in an expensive, and nasty mess!

Oil-based lube is great for some applications, but again, not for toys. The best lube you can use is a water-based lube, these lubes are good for you and for your toys, don't be afraid to use more of them, extra lube can help you get the most from your toys and they will last you even longer.

You should never use cooking oil, body oil, essential oils, butter or petroleum jelly on your products either unless you want to totally destroy them. It's worth noting that any damage caused by incorrect lube will guarantee your products death and the manufacturer is not at fault.

Wash your toys when you're finished with them and they will serve you for years to come.

Sharing toys:

Whilst we don't promote the sharing of your sex toys, we know people do and there are things you can do to help make sure the activity is as safe and hygienic as possible.

You can cover the toys in a condom which will ensure you always have a protective barrier on them at all times but for some toys this just isn't practice or possible. In these instances we would suggest that you ensure you clean them thoroughly to ensure there's no bacteria or transmittable fluids on the toys which will pass on any nasties to your play mates.

When you switch between use on partners and play mates, switch the condom or give the toy a good wash. It doesn't take a minute and not only will it keep you healthy but it will maintain the finish and material of your toys.

Storing toys:

Toys can be stored in a number of ways but the best way we find is to have somewhere you can stand them up so they're not resting or rubbing on one another. Somewhere that is out of direct light, in a cool and dry place and away from prying eyes of your children and the hungry teeth of your loving pets. The last thing you want is to find your favourite toy has had its head cut off by your adorable children or has suffered at the hungry teeth of your man's best friend.

When to dispose of your toys:

If at any point you find mold or mildue growing on your toys, toss them. Don't bleach them and don't try to rescue them. If this has happened, it is likely that it has spread throughout the product.

Cracks and battle wounds are normal with toys and the odd  bit missing here or there is fine as long as its not rough or a split which could pinch or cut you in places you don't like to think of. Just ensure you inspect them regularly when cleaning to make sure there's nothing which could cause you harm or any nasty surprises.

When the toy finally loses the will to live, just dispose of it responsibly and start looking for your next big ride!

General Do's and Dont's:
  • DO clean your toys Regularly
  • DO use mild hand soap and warm water
  • DO use water-based lube
  • DO NOT put your toys in the dishwasher
  • DO NOT bleach your toys
  • DO NOT scrub toys with brushes or scourers

Butch Dixon
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